Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro

Cigar: Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Trojes, Honduras
Tobacco: Nicaragua, Trojes, Honduras
Length: 6
Ring Gauge: 54
I have always said cigars are like wine. Everyone’s taste will differ on the exact same item. One that I found myself being on the outside was the Alec Bradley Prensado. This cigar came highly recommended by someone who I consider somewhat of a cigar expert. Additionally the reviews on this cigar have been pretty strong throughout the online community.
At first glance the Prensado is impressive to say the least. It is a great looking box pressed cigar. It’s firm throughout and the wrapper is a reddish-brown. During my first whiff, I got some light earthy and creamy notes. I was really excited about lighting this guy up. 
Again this cigar is really well put together and the band only enhances the presentation. The husky band is predominantly gold with a bold crest in the middle. The Alec Bradley name is on there very prominently. Overall this band is definitely a keeper.
Upfront the Prensado is very smooth. A lot of cigars will give you a strong first look upon lighting and then settle into its designated flavor profile. The Prensado is a nice and delicate cigar, but there is no real identity as of yet. The burn line is a little wavy but the draw is great. Not too tight but a wee bit of resistance just how I like it. The ash is a dense white grey. So far so good but I’m still waiting for it to develop.
This is a good smooth smoke but still no identifiable taste here. It’s a very mild ride into this second third. A couple of years ago I would have loved this cigar. But I’m looking for more flavor and taste. In regards to the construction it has a great pull and stays lit. The burn line has settled down a little bit better.
The Finish:
As I move into the final third, there isn’t anything special here for me. It’s a very very smooth smoke but it’s just too quite for me. The Prensado is burning kind of crooked now and almost went out on me which surprised me considering how strong it has been going thus far. After another fifteen minutes of smoking, I let the cigar respectfully die out.
The Verdict: For me the Prensado is a good mild smoke but it lacks any power or complexity. It’s not a bad cigar by any means but I wouldn’t consider it for a repurchase. I’m sure many of you will disagree with my review, but again everyone’s taste is different. The Alec Bradley Prensado: a respectable but average cigar. 

3 out of 5 crowns

3 Responses to Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro

  1. Wavy Maguire says:

    never had this cigar… it will go on the list.. thanks

  2. Lx says:

    I’ve never tried this cigar. I like smooth cigars so I will definitely try it.

  3. Corey says:

    I was really disappointed with the first of the 5-pack I bought. The burn was horrible–so bad, it kept trying to go out during the last half. And I got WAY too much raisin and black licorice from it.
    Glad to see SOMEONE out there disliked it, too, though for different reasons.

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