Zara Spring Summer 2011 Collection

Zara continues to be a great clothing line that provides luxury style at an affordable pricing. Here is a snapshot of their forthcoming Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Let’s start with the jackets.

Parka With Aluminium Detail $169.00

Cotton Trench Coat $99.00

Memory Jacket With Applique $129.00

Rubberised Jacket $79.00

And to go with these jackets we have some great knits and shirts.

Striped Jersey $39.00

Ribbed Structured Cardigan $79.00

Checked Shirt $39.00

John Coltrane Jazz T-Shirt $29.90

Los Angeles T-Shirt $29.90

And to complete the look we have some footwear options.

Topstitched Sporty Ankle Boot $99.90

Applique Band Moccasin $89.90

Punched Vintage Brogue $99.00

Urban Ankle Boot $99.00

Finally here some great accessories.

Trolley $159.00

Herring Bone Bowling Bag $89.90

Sport Wallet $29.00

For more information you can visit Cheers.


5 Responses to Zara Spring Summer 2011 Collection

  1. lx says:

    I really like the punch vintage brogue

  2. Not my cup of tea, but I like that bowling bag!

  3. _3mmanuel_ says:

    Gotta get my feet into those moccasins.

  4. venustyle says:


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